Introducing Golden Wheels

What exactly is Golden Wheels?

A new initiative to serve the overlooked ...

We are excited to introduce a new platform that we have up and coming called Golden Wheels.

Golden Wheels seeks to serve those that aren't able to physically hike themselves. Many of these individuals have never been outdoors, or may have never had an opportunity to enjoy a hike in the woods with their families and loved ones.

The tradition with this platform is that the first person that sits in the chair is who the chair is named after and what it's known as going forward. And we've got one very special young lady named Madeline, who's going to be our first person that we will carry in our inaugural hike. And so the chairs going forward will be called "Madelines."

Our very first event is happening May 21st, so please check out the details for location and time here:

We hope that you will consider joining us on our maiden voyage for the Golden Wheels platform!

Golden Wheels Inaugural Hike Recap:

Meet Madeline:

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