Horses on the Hill

December 23, 2021
David Vermaak

Horses on the Hill (HOTH) is a unique learning environment incorporating Equine-assisted activities, a riding program, and urban farming and horticulture into Cincinnati's Westside communities of Price Hill.

Located at 1655 Ross Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205, HOTH serves economically disadvantaged youth and their families, as well as abused women and individuals in recovery; participants interact with horses, are responsible for barn management chores, and experience nature - all activities that promote physical, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Improved self-esteem, discipline, life skills, and stronger family relationships are just a few of the positive changes they hope to instill in those who participate.

Golden Community will be assisting Horses on the Hill on January 8th to remove trees and brush that runs alongside the fence line.

These trees and brush destroy the fence that will be keeping the horses safe and secure, and we need your help to cut them down and away from the fence line.

There are about 50 yards of brush and trees that need to be removed, so be prepared for some hard work!! 😉

Chainsaws, PPE (Safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, and safety vests), and other brush clearing equipment will be supplied.

Please wear: Suitable Safety Boots, clothing suitable for working outside.

Hot food and drinks will be provided.

We hope you can join us to help make a safe and secure environment for the horses that will be moved onto this new site mid-year 2023!

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