Introducing the #IndiaBreatheStrong Campaign

June 3, 2021
David Vermaak

Golden Community aims to help raise funds for the Tera-Hi-Tera Mission Hospital in Punjab, India for much needed Covid-19 relief funds, where lives are being saved every day!!

The Tera-Hi-Tera Mission Hospital is accommodating 50 people who are fighting for their lives due to the Covid-19 virus. Golden Technology has operations in India and our own employees and their family members have been significantly impacted by the virus, including one of our beloved employees, Aakash Mishra, who recently lost the lost his mother, Uma Mishra, to Covid-19 and who was also his only living relative.

Our hearts break for Aakash, and all the millions like him who are losing family, and we are saying we will make a difference in this fight and come alongside those who are suffering!

Golden Community is hosting this virtual 5K run and a GoFundMe page in honor of Uma Mishra and to raise awareness and support of the #IndiaBreatheStrong campaign where we are raising much-needed funds for the Tera-Hi-Tera Mission Hospital. You can also show your support by purchasing some cool #IndiaBreatheStrong merch at the Golden Community Online Store.

We encourage you to watch our video and to see Tera-Hi-Tera's facilities and the awesome work they are doing as well as keep up to date on the Golden Community Facebook page to see the equipment and supplies that will be purchased as monies get transferred over.

Golden Technology has already transferred $20K of our own funds to Tera-Hi-Tera Mission Hospital who is offering free medical services to Covid-19 victims. We wish to raise additional funds to bolster the very urgent need for the funding Tera-Hi-Tera requires to purchase ongoing much-needed life-saving medical equipment, food, and other needs required to tend to patients.

All funds already transferred and to be transferred that are additionally raised are transferred to our India based company "E-Golden Resource Solution PVT. LTD" and from there to the Tera-Hi-Tera Mission hospital who we have a relationship with through Golden Technologies (USA based IT corporation) Managing Director, Rishi Siyal's brother, Karandeep Siyal, who is a renowned cardiologist in India and offering his services at Tera-Hi-Tera.

Golden Technology will be transferring all other raised funds in the same way to Tera-Hi-Tera.

All efforts are being overseen by Golden Technology's registered non-profit division, Golden Community, which is a registered domestic non-profit corporation (EIN-86-3793156), and who is currently in the process of applying for section 501 (3) c status.

Stand with us in making a difference, in saving lives, and helping 


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